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Which infrastructures for tomorrow’s China ?

You are interested in China’s new infrastructure projects and you would like to invest but you are still hesitating ? Trust someone with experience to tutor you in your projects in the most efficient way !

This is the second article in a series proposed by Asie Traductions on Cultural Analysis of China.  It is aimed to enlighten you about the particularities of China, its culture and its economy, and especially how to communicate well!

The potentialities of large scale projects are still numerous in China.

Everyone knows that China is brimming with new infrastructure projects across and outside its territory, but which ones are the most important and which ones are open to foreign investments ?

The country already has a fairly dense railway network, but the government is looking to double certain lines to express lines and lacks the technology to make it. Central China and Inner Mongolia will need new, faster lines to better transport agricultural products from inland to major coastal cities.

« Western countries have know-how to sell in infrastructure construction and maintenance. »

Infrastructure development in XinJiang (新疆 / new territory) is a key issue for the current government to connect China with its new partners in Central Asia.


Projects driven in partnership with the Chinese government

Nevertheless the rest of the Chinese territory is not left aside.

The Commission for National Development and Reform has announced plans to build infrastructure in the sectors of transport, water conservation and energy.

These projects include rail transportation infrastructure in Wuhan, construction of a hydroelectric plant on the Jinsha River, and airports in Lianyungang, Hohhot and Xianyang.

The most expensive project would be the interurban railways in Jiangsu Province, which is expected to cost 231.7 billion yuan. Other structures for channeling the power of the YangZi River are also to be expected.

« L’état chinois peut avoir besoin de vous pour financer et participer à ses propres projets. »

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