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Which infrastructure projects for tomorrow’s Japan ?

You are interested in Japan’s new infrastructure projects and you would like to invest but you are still hesitating ? Trust someone with experience to tutor you in your projects in the most efficient way !

This is the second article in a series proposed by Asie Traductions on Cultural Analysis of Japan.  It is aimed to enlighten you about the particularities of Japan, its culture and its economy, and especially how to communicate well !

Great projects still exist in Japan

Everyone knows that Japan has extremely modern infrastructure throughout its territory, but is the country not building anything anymore ?

The recent discovery of oil in Sakhalin in Russia leads Japan to take a keen interest in this neighboring island, over which it has long claimed part of the sovereignty. Building bridges and other infrastructure to economically link this island to Japan, where demand is high, is a priority for the current Japanese government. A huge bridge is planned to link Sakhalin (Russia) to Hokkaïdo (Japan). However, the government’s confidence in the quality of construction has been eroded since the Fukushima disaster. France has a great deal of know-how in the field of civil engineering and its participation would bring great credit to the project.

« France has a great deal of know-how in the field of civil engineering. »

This immense project, as well as others, planned for the development of the island of Hokkaïdo in the North, constitutes a formidable opportunity of economic relaunch in these times of slowdowns, while taking place in a context more secure and organized than anywhere in Asia.

Development projects in the north of the archipelago

The revival of the Japanese economy will require further development of the north of the territory. Everything still needs to be done in this area, which was only colonized by the empire at the end of the 19th century. Tourism is the island’s main economy, but the Japanese still find it difficult to travel outside of organized tours to conventional destinations. France being a world reference in the tourism industry, the Japanese public authorities may need you to help them highlight this part of their territory.

State-of-the-art means of transport, connected hotels, civil engineering works… there are many project opportunities that still need to be done. Japan will ensure that it continues to be a forward-looking country, seeking to boost its investments today after the failed kick-off of the 2020 Olympics.

« the Japanese public authorities may need you to help them highlight this part of their territory. »

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